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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wolfram|Alpha volunteer curation?
Wolfram|Alpha volunteer curation is a program in which people from all over the world can contribute data to Wolfram|Alpha by completing individual projects and earning "points."

Who can participate?
Anyone can apply to participate. We take volunteers from all over the world who are passionate about Wolfram|Alpha. We look at each applicant seriously and consider each one.

How do I get started?
Click "Sign up" above or on the homepage. We will take a look at your application and send you a URL to set up your Wolfram ID. From there, you can access the current projects list and begin data curating!

What kinds of projects can I work on as a volunteer curator?
We have a variety of projects ranging from mythology to nutrition data. We add new projects all the time, so our project list is constantly changing.

What kind of time commitment is required from me?
We do not require a specific number of hours per week, but all projects have a time limit on them. When you go to take a new project, it will specify how long you have to complete it before it is made available to another volunteer.

How do I obtain and submit projects?
Once you have a login and password, you can access our current projects list which allows you to see all projects available. Projects are categorized by challenge area. You will be able to download the files in a variety of formats directly to your computer. Once you finish working on a project, you can use our upload mechanism to upload your completed project.


What are the different levels of participation?
After you start uploading projects, you earn "data points" for each project you submit. Earning a certain number of data points will take you to a new level. You can download one of our badges to display on your site based on your participation level.

Who looks at my work?
Our team of curators and other parts of the Wolfram|Alpha team check all the work that comes in to verify sources and check the actual data.

How do you verify that submitted data is correct?
We perform a series of checks on the data. Each project will require you to enter source information, so we verify your sources as well.

How long does it take for my uploaded work to make it into Wolfram|Alpha's database?
Each project is different. Rest assured that your data, if accepted, will be incorporated into Wolfram|Alpha's database.

I took a project but am now unable to compete it. How do I give it back?
To release a project back to the "All Available Projects" list, simply send an email to with the name of the project you no longer want. We will then reopen the project and it will be made available to other volunteers.

I want to participate in a data area that is not yet listed. How do I suggest a new data area to work on?
Email to suggest a feature or a new data area for volunteers to work on.

Are there other ways to get involved with Wolfram|Alpha?
Yes, and you can see all the ways to participate in the project here.

I am having trouble with logging in, downloading projects, viewing details, or a similar issue at Wolfram|Alpha Volunteer Central. Who do I contact for help?
Please email for all inquiries about the volunteer program or problems with the website.